Photos of Relevance

Photos of Historical and Cultural Relevance


Photo #180. The That Louang Monument in Vientiane, the center of annual, national, religious and cultural celebration every December.

Photo #181. The Plain of Jars in Xieng Khouang Province

In the kingdom of Laos there are many ethnic groups, including lowland Lao, Lao Theung, highland Lao or Hmong, Yao, Thai Dam, Thai Khao, etc. close to a total of 60 different groups. All of them were courageous and resolute people who fought against the communist expansion into southeast-Asia during the 1960-1975 war. The pictures shown below are excellent reminders of the colorful and elaborate dresses worn by Lao ethnic women during special occasions.

Photo #182. Ms. Kaying Yang, a beautiful Hmong woman in a beautiful dress

Photo #183. Ms. May Payang, beautiful girl and beautiful dress (2004)


Photo #184. Beautiful Lao girls performing a well-wishing dance during the That Louang celebration in 1960

Photo #185. Two beautiful Phuan girls from Xieng Khouang posed for picture on the shore of theNam Ngum Reservoir in Vientiane Province in 1968. Gen. Vang Pao brought over 20,000 people from Xieng Khouangto resettle in the Tha Lath area, near the Nam Ngum Dam.

Photo #186. Two beautiful Yao girls in the late 1960’s.

Photo #187.Two beautiful highland Hmong girls from the Laos PDR. Photo taken in 1999.

Photo #188.Two beautiful lowland Lao girls from the Vientiane area performing a cultural dance

Photo #189. Another beautiful and well-dressed Laocultural dancer

Photo #190. Ladies with important roles in MR-II in line to welcome King Savang Vatthana in 1965. From left to right:1. Mrs. Hang Sao, 2. Mrs. Thong Vong-Rasmi, 3. Mrs. Phanh Singharath, 4. Mrs. Vang Pao, 5. Mrs. Phimpha, 6. Mrs. Saykham Southakakoumane, 7. Mrs. Tougeu Lyfoung, 8. Mrs. Simh Vichit-Vongsa, 9. Mrs. Touby Lyfoung, 10. Unknown, 11. Mrs. Ly Sang, 12. Mrs. Tou Lu Mua and 13. Mrs. Mua Thong

Today’s Hmong families of note

Photo #191   Yves Vang (or Vang Yia), the first highland Lao-Hmong man who graduated with an electrical engineering of France  and his wife,  Gauva Lyfoung, a highland Lao-Hmongwoman who got a Médecin assistant degree at the Ecole Royale Médecine du Laos.

Photo #192   Vang Sang, a noted leader in Lao family associations who helped Lao refugees rebuild a new life in Minnesota, USA during 1982-2010. 

hoto #193.  Ariya Lyfoung and his wife, Nang Bouakham. Ariya helped write the Lao version of this book and provided the necessary supporting documents to enhance the book’s objectivity and truthfulness.


Photo #194. Hmong leaders with critical roles in successfully facilitating Lao refugee resettlement in northern US. From left to right:  Tou Fu Vang, Vang Geu and Leng Wong (Leng Vang). 

Those who created and made it possible for MR-II to survive until 1975


 Photo #195. Gen. Phoumi Nosavan                                        

Photo #196.Gen. Vang Pao


Photo #197. Chaokhoueng Saykham Southakakoumane            

Photo #198. Phagna Touby Lyfoung