7.2 References

In references to all the books as follow:

-The National Geographic edition 1960,1968,1971,1974,1980,1982 and 1989.

-The book of Vietnam The history and the tactics,

-The book of The CIA’s Secret War in Laos,

-The book  “Out of Laos”,

-The book ” Hmong History of A People, Pop Pies, Pipes and People,

-The Second Indochina War,

-The Book in Lao Chao BounOum Nachampassak ,

-The Book in Thai Lang Xat,

-The book in Lao Pavatxat Doueinyo khong Pathet  Lao,

-The book of Sky is Falling,

– The book ” Richard Nixon No more Vietnams,

-The book of Kaysone Phomvihane,

-the book of Marc Jason Gilbert “Why The North Won the Vietnam War,

-The Book of Col.  Khamphanh Thammakhanty ” The Prison Camp in Viengsay,

-The book of memoir of Phoumi Vongvichit,

-The book of Richard Nixon “The real War”,

-The book “Laos” A personal Portrait from the Mid-1970s Judy Austin Rantala by McFarland,

-The book “The Last Century of Lao Royalty”  by Grant Evans,

-The book  in Lao “Phongsavadane Muong  Phouane”,

-The book in Lao “Virabourout heang Phengdine Lao Lanexang” by Douangsay Luang  Phasy ( Biography of Souphanouvang ),

-The book Air Force Heroes in Vietnam,

-The book in Thai “Pathane Mao Chetong”

-The book in Lao ” Chao Souphanouvong Phou nampha patti vath” ,

-The book in English ” Deeds and Merits” of Chairman Kaysone Phomvihane,

-The book in French Guerre Secrete en Indochine ” Les marquis autochtones face au Viet-Minh 1950-1955” By Lieutenant-colonel Michel David,

-The book in French “Le Laos, Pays de Culture” par   Hansa Na SISANE.