7.1 Photos Credits

I wish to acknowledge and give full credit to the many friends and acquaintances who provided the photos and documents published in this book.

Geu Vang Collection

Mr. Arnaud Lyfoung

Mr. Vang Xang

Personal account of Kaysone Phomvihane’s activities during the war in Laos

The CIA’s Secret War in Laos”, by Kenneth Conboy & James Morrison

Mr. Chong Tua Moua and Haze, “Guerre Secrete en Indochine, 1950-1955”, by Lt. Col Michel David

Roger Warner, “Out of Laos”)

Mrs. Tougeu Lyfoung

Mr. Yia Vang’s Collection

Mai Paj Yang

Col. Max Messnier from France

Mr. Yang Lue

Mr. Pham Khamsouane, the son of Lt. Pham Van Duong

Book “Biography of Gen. Kong Le”

Col. Tom Lum

Somchay Siharath (Col. Phanh Siharath’s daughter)

Larry Woodson

Mr. Noah Vang in Minnesota

Mr. Leng Wong in Minessota.

Mr. Bounchanh from France

Xang Vang collection

Gale L. Morrison, “The Sky Is Falling”

Mr. Lao Thai Wa Lue Vang

Kaying Yang collection

John Pimlott, “Vietnam: the History and the Tactics

Pilot Vang By

Pilot Vang Khang Collection

National Geographic 1974 vol.145 No1.

Shadow war. The CIA’s Secret War in Laos”, by Kenneth Conboy and James Morrison

“Souphanouvong”, by Douangsay Luangphasy

Fact Finding Commission, France

Mr. Lue Yang

Col. Thao Bone Collection.

Noah Vang in MN collection

Book of Chao Boun Oum

Lt. Col. Tou Ya Noah Vang collection

Phoumi Vongvichit and his wife (from Phoumi’s book of memoirs)

Col. Tom Lum US Military

Col. Vang Youa son

Mrs. Halinka Luangpraseut

Phonekeo Sayasane collection