4.2 Police Structure

The chief of police person was Pol. Col. Bounthong Sengkhamyong, and his deputy, Pol. Maj. Yang Chao. Lao ethnic policemen performed their police duties starting in 1949, the year France conferred within-the-French-Union independence to Laos. Police was separated from the military. From 1950 onward, training programs were provided to form police officers and policemen throughout the Laos kingdom.  As for the Hmong, police training started in 1955 and produced the following Xieng Khouang Hmong Policemen (by promotion/class):

  • First promotion: Hang Sao, Yang Chao, Kue Chia, Vang Tou, and Xiong Foua
  • Second promotion: Hang Doua, Yangchao Noi, Lo Xang, Moua Chou, Moua Bee, Kue Chia, Heu Doua, and Heu Cheu
  • Third promotion (Army officers reclassified as police officers): Vang Tou, Vang Xang, Yang Toua, Chaki Yang, Faydang Thao, Ly Lue and Yang Cheu.

Later on, many Hmong policemen were trained in Xieng Khouang and other Lao provinces (including Vientiane), following the Kong Le’s coup d’état. No official records are available on the composition of those promotions.

There were a total of about 200 policemen in Xieng Khouang Province.